8a Certification Based on Ethnicity Bias and Immigration

When submitting your 8a certification application, meeting the social and economic disadvantaged status can be confusing. Understanding the legal requirements and statutes related to ethnicity, bias and immigration status in an essential part of getting your application approved. An individual claiming disadvantaged status on the basis of his or her ethnicity… Read more »

8a Certification Net Worth Requirements

When applying for your 8a certification, there is one common issue that sometimes confuses applicants. The question on whether you meet 8a certification net worth requirements becomes complicated when there are second mortgages on the primary residence, etc. Although the 8a Program rules seem straightforward, applicants still have concerns about… Read more »

SBA 8a Certification Eligibility Requirements

Being certified as an SBA 8a small business is a way for small businesses to increase their ability to obtain federal government contracts.  Being 8a certified opens many doors for you and your business. However, it is crucial to make sure that 8a application meets all of the requires.  Common… Read more »

Government Proposal and SBA 8a Certifications

Rules for SBA 8a Certification in Government Proposals When it comes to SBA 8a certifications, although contracting agencies can consider subcontractor experience in government proposals, there is no mandatory requirement to do so. A government contracting agency need not consider your subcontractor experience where the solicitation contemplates award of a… Read more »

8a Certification Requirements for Your SBA 8 a Application

8a Certification Requirements for Your 8 a Application

The SBA requirements for 8a certification force applicants to consider a vast amount of personal and business information. To obtain your 8a certification status, you must meet very specific SBA requirements.   Failure to meet them will cause suspicion and rejection from the SBA. When learning how to get 8a certified, small businesses… Read more »

SBA 8a Certification Process

Avoid Common Problems in the SBA 8a Certification Application Process During the 8a certification process, the SBA scrutinizes each 8a application to ensure that the applicant meets the statutory requirement for certification. The public is usually not told of the detailed requirements for certification. As a result, many 8a certification packages are… Read more »

Gender Bias in SBA 8a BD Small Business Programs Certification

SBA Does Make Mistakes When Evaluating Gender Bias for 8a BD Small Business Programs To gain entry into the 8a BD Program, a program designed to help small disadvantaged businesses and SBA Minority Owned Business owners compete in the marketplace, the business entity must be unconditionally owned and controlled by one or more… Read more »

SBA Certification 8a Supporting Documents

Why Are Your SBA 8a Certification Supporting Documents Critical? When applying for your SBA 8a certification, there are a number of supporting documents that you must gather to send in with your application or use them to get information. You do not want to just look at this as an… Read more »

SBA Federal Minority Owned Business Certification

In federal government contracting to have a minority owned business enterprise (MBE) can have its advantages. However, there are strict guidelines to follow on how to become a minority owned business. There are also severe consequences for not following SBA certification rules. One example of a minority-owned business enterprise is the… Read more »

8a Program Size Determination & SBA Non Manufacturer Rule

How Does the SBA Non manufacturer Rule, 13 CFR 121.406, Impact Your Small Business? The SBA Non Manufacturer Rule has become the topic of litigation for small businesses in the SBA 8a Program.  Under the rule, 13 CFR 121.406, your small business may qualify for a requirement to provide manufactured products… Read more »