Limitation on Subcontracting and Small Businesses

 Government Contracts for Small Businesses FAR 52.219-14 Small businesses find themselves making disastrous mistakes when they use a teaming partner or named subcontractor when bidding on federal government contracts. Competitors are aware of the rules and their challenge can cause you to lose the contract to a small business size… Read more »

Contract Termination Claim Appeal

When a government contracting agency cancels a contract, you should not directly appeal the Board of Contract Appeals. You must first submit a claim under the Contract Disputes Act (CDA) and then request a final agency decision by the Contracting Officer. Only then does an appeal court have subject matter jurisdiction to… Read more »

Help From Colorado Business Lawyers

Given the state of the current economy, businesses across the country are turning towards federal government contracts for survival. To keep your business alive you want to look into government contracting. The federal government purchases services and products from virtually all commercial industry groups. Not only can you increase sales… Read more »

Small Business Nonmanufacturer Rule

From Washington Technology As iPads, Galaxy Tabs and PlayBooks become ubiquitous in the private sector, the General Services Administration is conducting market research to determine if small-business manufacturers could meet requirements of a possible governmentwide tablet procurement. According to the March 28 FedBizOpps Request For Information, GSA’s Office of the Chief Acquisition… Read more »

GAO Protest Denies Challenge Alleging Unreasonable Restrictiveness

Airforce Turbine Service, Ltd. (ATS), of Mathis, Texas, protested the terms of request for proposals (RFP) No. AG-84M8-S-10-0003, issued by the Department of Agriculture, Forest Service (FS) for aircraft engine maintenance and overhaul services. ATS asserted that the RFP requirement that offerors be a designated overhaul facility (DOF) to qualify… Read more »

Small Businesses Government Contracts and Their Fair Share

Are Small Businesses Getting Their Fair Share of Government Contracts Unfortunately, they don’t. The real question is why not? There is some analysis to this unfortunate fact about small business government contracts. First, large projects appear to be out of the reach of small businesses – or so they think…. Read more »

Colorado Corporate Law – Avoid Piercing Mistakes Made By Corporate Officers

  Many legal hurdles under Colorado corporate law severely impact corporate CEO’s, and business partners, often find themselves involved in litigation. However, although they cannot avoid every corporate dispute, some mistakes often come from not understanding their obligations and duties under the various and complex business laws. These mistakes are… Read more »

Watson & Associates overturn SBA Size Protest Decision

Address and Defeat Affiliation Issues in Size Protests. Watson & Associates’ size protest and size determination lawyers share important information to government contractors and small businesses that face adverse decisions stemming the contracting agencies or the Small Business Administration. The following cases had a national impact on how the SBA… Read more »

Government Small Business Subcontracting Plans

What is a Small Business Subcontracting Plan FAR 19.7

Government bids have increased the requirement to submit small business subcontracting plans under FAR 19.7 and FAR 52.219. There is a huge concern as to why small businesses should still have to submit such plans. Some agencies have chosen to name the requirement as “small business participation plan” or ”… Read more »