The federal government has decided that using the best value procurement system maximizes the level of performance after award. Instead of focusing on solely the pricing aspect of a proposal, the government can use a combination of source selection approaches. The  goal is to get the best bang for the… Read more »

On of the most under-utilized tools in federal government contracting is the Native American  Indian Incentive Program (IIP). This program is sponsored by Congress and allows for a 5% rebate back to prime government contractors on amounts subcontracting to Native American Indian-Owned Companies. The Indian Incentive Program can reward federal… Read more »

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The McNamara–O’Hara Federal Service Contract Act fringe benefits provisions are included in federal government contracts or the District of Columbia contract. Each prime and subcontractor performing federal contracts have to comply with the minimum wage and safety and health standards and must maintain certain records unless a specific exemption applies. Companies… Read more »

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