Writing winning proposals for the federal government is not an easy task. Both large and small businesses still struggle to compete in the federal marketplace.  However, a significant amount still fall short of winning.  The key to submitting a competitive proposal is to avoid doing things in the past that… Read more »

A government project proposal in government contracting usually includes construction bid proposals, or some other projects that have a very defined beginning and ending. When compared to service contracts, this the style of writing could vary. The gist of your project proposal is to convince the agency that your company if awarded… Read more »

What is a Government Request for Proposal? A Request for Proposal (RFP Process) is a tool used by the Federal Government to solicit proposals from interested bidders. Small businesses and large DOD contractors use the request for proposal process to plan, prepare and bid on services contracts and construction projects…. Read more »

When evaluating a government proposal, the agency almost always uses a best value procurement RFP evaluation process  for negotiated procurements. This concept comes into play when the Agency ultimately looks at the competing proposals and makes a subjective determination as to which proposal best suits the government’s needs. The evaluation also includes… Read more »

FAR Best Value Contract Procurement Process

Federal government agencies tend to use the best value procurement process as the preferred proposal evaluation criteria. Although known to many government contractors, many still fall prey to the government’s evaluation process. This concept is usually regulated under FAR 15. The best value contract procurement process is used to choose the best… Read more »

When it comes to GAO acceptance of late proposal submission exception in bid protests, many contractors wonder what happens if their Request for Proposal (“RFP”) submission is late and if there are any exceptions that allow for relief.  While it is an offeror’s responsibility to deliver its proposal to the proper… Read more »

When a government agency submits a request for proposal (“RFP”), the agency can make amendments and changes to the government solicitation requirements.  The Federal Acquisition Regulation permits agencies to request revised government proposals, even where the original awardee’s price has been disclosed.  Jackson Contractor Grp., B-402348.2 (2010).  Agency Discretion with… Read more »

Business Partnership Contract & Agreements

Submitting a proposal to the federal government implies that you will comply with the new SBA limitation on subcontracting rules such as 13 CFR 125.6. If your proposal, on its face, leads an agency to the conclusion that you could not and would not comply with the FAR subcontracting limitation, the agency can… Read more »

Recently, incumbent contractors are finding that they are losing more and more government contracts and bid protest. They also find it difficult to write more competitive government proposals that increase their chances of follow-on contracts. New Approach Needed Writing a bid for the new project should capitalize on unique experiences… Read more »

Putting together a Red Team proposal review panel for final RFP review makes or breaks your success of winning. You must have the right mix of team members because you want to direct focus on the result and not conflict among personalities. The key to any government proposal review is… Read more »