Under federal procurement rules, the small business joint venture definition in government contracting means “an association of individuals and/or concerns with interests in any degree or proportion by way of contract, express or implied, consorting to engage in and carry out no more than three specific or limited-purpose business ventures… Read more »

Common Management & Identity of Interest Common management and identity of interest involve complex SBA small business affiliation regulations, that if violated can impact your ability to bid on future government contracts. Issues commonly arise in size protests or during the initial 8a certification application process.  The following are pointers derived from the SBA…. Read more »

Past performance evaluation of parent companies can sometimes go unnoticed by the government or bidders submitting proposals. There a certain allowances where a contractor can submit, and use past performance evaluations of parent companies. However, the starting point is to understand the general legal analysis for affiliation under procurement laws…. Read more »

When trying to get the benefit of the SBA Mentor Protege Program, there is Joint Venture affiliation exception that you must be extremely careful about.  SBA rules that require 8a companies to get prior approval. This requirement poses substantial problems for small businesses relying on the SBA to approve a mentor… Read more »

SBA Mentor Protege Agreement and Small Business Joint Venture Rules have significant power when applied to submitting proposals for federal government contracts (13 CFR 124.513). However, there are still situations where small businesses can make serious legal mistakes and give up lucrative federal contracts as a result.   Given the higher level of scrutiny given to… Read more »

DOD small business agreements and contracts, especially teaming agreement contracts, are commonplace in today’s federal marketplace. Government DOD contracts get larger and more complex. Small companies cannot keep up with the increased resources that it takes to bid for and perform more major federal contracts. As a result, small businesses seek out other… Read more »

Failing to Comply With SBA Joint Venture Definition and Affiliation Rules Can Cost You the Contract. The definition of a joint venture means two or more businesses joining forces for a profit. The effort is generally targeted to a specific project. In government contracting, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is the… Read more »

Contents of a joint venture agreement are statutorily set for small businesses and 8(a)certified companies. If you are a small business in the SBA 8a certification program and thinking about entering a joint venture agreement with another company, there are a few things that you want to consider. Not only are the… Read more »

Who are government subcontractors? What are subcontracting limitation requirements. These are two of the basic questions for understand government subcontracting information and regulations about subcontractors. Under FAR 44.101. Generally a subcontractor is a supplier, distributor, vendor or firm that furnishes supplies or services to the prime contractor or another subcontractor (tier)…. Read more »

As a rule of thumb, and to avoid SBA affiliation Rules and SBA joint venture agreement violations, 8(a) certified companies must get approval of  joint venture agreements from the SBA before contract award. Small businesses should understand that by entering into a joint venture relationship with another company, both will become affiliated… Read more »