In federal government contracting, there are many advantages for entering into a joint venture agreement (JV). However, there are some joint venture disadvantages that can cripple a company. Small businesses especially have to be aware of the tricky rules and laws that impact joint venture relationships. When making your decision to enter into JV… Read more »

SBA size determination protests and disputes about the Ostensible Subcontractor Rule are continuously litigated. Many companies are still unclear about how the SBA evaluates the various aspects of the relationship between participating firms. Simply choosing to submit a teaming partner or subcontractor in your bid is not the end of… Read more »

The Eastern District Court bought the gravel down on two federal contractor executives for SBA 8a small business fraud and abusing the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 8a contracting program to obtain more than $31 million in contracts unlawfully. See case where defendants were sentenced to 27 and 15 months in prison…. Read more »

Failure to Meet SBA 8a Program Annual Requirements Can Get You Terminated from the Program. Small businesses often find themselves subject to the termination because of failure to comply with SBA 8a Program Annual requirements. ‘This is a very strict requirement. Unless participants get an expressed extension from the SBA,… Read more »

Being certified as an SBA 8a small business is a way for small businesses to increase their ability to obtain federal government contracts.  Being 8a certified opens many doors for you and your business. However, it is crucial to make sure that 8a application meets all of the requires.  Common… Read more »

Meeting SBA size protest timeliness requirements can be a problem when you are not sure when the clock actually starts.  More importantly, filing an untimely size protest can eliminate your opportunity for a second chance at a government project.   In many situations, because there is confusion about when the… Read more »

Small businesses continue to use joint ventures as a strategic alliance to get larger government contracts.  There are various advantages and disadvantages of forming venture relationships. There are also specific rules that govern these alliances. Yet  small businesses continue to lose larger contracts due to increasing amounts of small business size… Read more »

The SBA size determination and applicable NAICS Size standards regulations, 13 CFR 121, involve oversight to make sure that contractors bidding on federal government contracts continue to abide by the legal requirements.  Small businesses get some level of preferential treatment when it comes to government contracts. Therefore, the Small Business Administration (“SBA”) is in… Read more »

How to Get SBA HUBZone Certified Having SBA HUBZone certification opens many doors for you as a contractor.  It is important to understand the requirements that you must fulfill in a proposal submission and what is owed to you by the government in a request for proposal.  HUBZone stands for… Read more »

Under federal procurement rules, the small business joint venture definition in government contracting means “an association of individuals and/or concerns with interests in any degree or proportion by way of contract, express or implied, consorting to engage in and carry out no more than three specific or limited-purpose business ventures… Read more »