Federal Government GAO Bid Protest Lawyers in Washington DC

Deciding whether or not to file a protest at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) makes the difference in saving substantial business revenues or letting another bidder take advantage of the opportunity. However, there are other considerations for you to think about. Most important are  the procedural requirements to file. When finding a… Read more »

SBA 8a Certification Requirements & SBA 8a Application Requirements

Learn how to minimize the Small Business Administration SBA objections to your 8a application and avoid wasting valuable time and resources learning the requirements through trial and error. By understanding the government’s concerns when trying to meet the SBA 8a Certification Requirements and Rules, you will be better able to… Read more »

Ostensible Subcontractor Rule

By: Theodore P. Watson.The Ostensible Subcontractor Rule creates a dangerous situation for small businesses when bidding on federal government contracts. It usually comes about when the competition files an Small Business Administration (SBA) size protest and claims that you, as the awardee and prime contractor, are unusually reliant on the… Read more »

Government Contracting How To Increase Sales

Help to Increase Business Sales in Government Contracts Small businesses and large corporations are seeking to increase sales in federal government contracts. There is no secret that the federal government spends billions on the procurement of services and products.  As you decide to venture into the federal procurement marketplace, there… Read more »

Qui Tam False Claims Act and Subcontractor Liability

On the issue of False Claims Act liability, there are varying opinions about liability of main contractor for subcontractor. The bottom line is that both prime contractors and independent contractors can be liable under the Federal False Claims Act.  The DOJ and various agency IG offices have increased the level… Read more »

GAO Protest Denies Challenge Alleging Unreasonable Restrictiveness

Airforce Turbine Service, Ltd. (ATS), of Mathis, Texas, protested the terms of request for proposals (RFP) No. AG-84M8-S-10-0003, issued by the Department of Agriculture, Forest Service (FS) for aircraft engine maintenance and overhaul services. ATS asserted that the RFP requirement that offerors be a designated overhaul facility (DOF) to qualify… Read more »

Small Businesses Government Contracts and Their Fair Share

Are Small Businesses Getting Their Fair Share of Government Contracts Unfortunately, they don’t. The real question is why not? There is some analysis to this unfortunate fact about small business government contracts. First, large projects appear to be out of the reach of small businesses – or so they think…. Read more »

Colorado Piercing Laws – Avoid Costly Mistakes Made By Corporate Officers

  Many legal hurdles under Colorado peircing laws severely impact corporate CEO’s, and business partners, often find themselves involved in costly litigation. However, although they cannot avoid every corporate dispute, some mistakes often come from not understanding their obligations and duties under the various and complex business laws. These mistakes… Read more »

Best Value Bid Protest : How to Attack Them

Launching a best value bid protest very common and among the most litigated cases before GAO. Oftentimes, agencies do not follow the solicitation’s requirements. However, to attack the agency’s actual evaluation needs an argument that is more than just a disagreement. Instead, attacking the best value evaluation requires a showing… Read more »