Small Business Certification Requirements

Make Sure that Your Company Meets the Small Business Administration SBA federal definition of small business Or Else You Risk Losing Your Government Contracts Award in a Small Business Size Protest. Meeting the SBA small business certification requirements requires an understanding of compliance laws and penalties for misrepresenting your company as a small… Read more »

What is Commercial Law?

Commercial litigation law entails the various aspects of business law that deals with the relationships between corporations, merchants and manufacturers, interstate trade and so on. What is Commercial Law? By definition commercial law includes carriage by land and sea; merchant shipping; guarantee; marine, fire, life, and accident insurance; bills of… Read more »

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA Penalties

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Penalties for government contractors that have violated the FCPA can be embarrassing and can expose you to media coverage and other negative publicity. Understanding the extent of your liability can trigger the necessary in-house actions that can minimize your exposure. In recent years, the U.S. government has increased its focus on… Read more »

Federal Scope of Work Construction Changes

Construction scope of work changes is commonplace on any federal construction project. As a general contractor, the “changes clause” allows the government or owner to make changes to the scope of work (SOW) after the contract performance period starts. Having a thorough understanding of the the contract terms and conditions can make a… Read more »

Colorado Construction Contract Payment Clauses

A common contract payment clause in Colorado construction contracts is “pay when paid clauses in construction contracts” or “paid-if-paid” clause. The immediate concern for most Colorado construction subcontractors is the impact to their everyday operations when the owner does not pay the prime contractor. The first approach to this level… Read more »

Proposal Writing and Government Contracts Training for Contractors

Government Contracts  and Proposal Writing Training For Companies Seeking to Avoid Costly Mistakes and to Increase Company Revenues. Watson & Associates provide proactive government contracts training for companies across the United States. Review our training classes and seminars. Seats are limited. Register for our Proposal Writing Training Classes. Contact a… Read more »

Definition of Equitable Adjustment FAR 52.243 in Government Contracts

Avoid Costly Pitfalls With Your Request for Equitable Adjustment  Under FAR 52.243 in Government Contracts In government contracts, the FAR equitable adjustment refers to an adjustment that pays you for work that is directed by the agency. It also applies to work that ultimately increases the cost of the original contract.  The Contracting… Read more »

Procurement Integrity Act Violations FAR 3.104

The Federal Government Has Increased Oversight and is Cracking Down on Procurement Integrity Act violations under FAR 3.104. In Addition to Criminal Defense Law You Should Also Understand the Procurement Process – The End Result Depends on It.  The Procurement Integrity Act (PIA) makes it clear that the release of… Read more »