How to Write a Government Proposal & Format

Develop Simple  Strategies of  How to Write  Contract Proposal to the Federal Government That Actually Work  Not every bidder will get a federal contract. However, the ones that do tend to follow some basic approaches that many companies entirely miss. Also, recent developments show that when learning how to write… Read more »

Types of Employment Discrimination Damages

The below information has been primarily extracted from the EEOC Website. As an employer involved in an employment discrimination case, you should seek legal advice for a local employer defense lawyer. You should understand the types of employment discrimination damages that your company can be exposed to. Types of Employment Discrimination Damages… Read more »

Federal Miller Act Bond :: Payment and Performance Bonds

As a government construction contractor, your payment and performance bonds under the Miller Act is critical to getting the award and protecting your company in the event of default. Getting payment and performance is a requirement for federal construction contracts. However, problems arise when small businesses have a difficult time securing… Read more »

What is the Federal False Claims Act? 31 USC 3729

The Federal False Claims Act, 31 USC 3729 avoids fraudulent activity against the federal government.  Investigations or adverse actions can arise for several reasons. The most common is when an employee blows the whistle and alleges wrongdoing and some level of criminal activity. There are ways to prevent these occurrences…. Read more »

Best Value Source Selection Process & Technical Evaluation of Proposals

When agencies use their source selection process for evaluation and best value trade-off of technical proposals, the government contract law only allows for reasonable  technical proposal and best value trade-off decisions. This occurs during the final stages of a negotiated procurement by comparing competing proposal to each other. When the Agency receives initial proposals,… Read more »