Difference Between Suspension and Debarment From Government Contracts

The federal agency and government’s oversight for contract compliance and other factors leading to suspension and debarment of government contractors have increased dramatically over the past few years.  The purpose of the regulations is to protect the government and not contractors. Sometimes companies surprisingly get notices from the government that the… Read more »

Meaningful Evaluation of Proposals

How Do You Know When Government Agencies Conduct Meaningful Evaluation of Proposals? In the GAO bid protest of Prism Maritime, LLC , B-409267.2; B-409267.3, the protestor challenged the Department of the Navy’s lack of meaningful evaluation of proposals under the technical capability and experience factor, and also challenged the Navy’s… Read more »

Becoming a Bid Protest Intervenor

Under bid protest regulations, meeting the intervenor legal definition in either a COFC or GAO bid protest case can make the difference between keeping company revenues or losing the award in a government protest action. Not just anyone can intervene. About 15% of companies try to intervene but they fail… Read more »

What is a Bid Protest? Definition and Meaning

Government contract protest timeline becomes a tough subject when you put thousands of dollars into developing a bid protest and then you find out that you did not properly apply the protest timeline requirements. At the end of the day the rules are very strict. However,a unique set of facts… Read more »

SBA Small Business Size Protest Requirements

Avoid costly mistakes that can cost you tens of thousands in litigation. Theodore P. Watson, Esq According to the small business size protest requirements, filing an SBA Size Protest challenge against your competitor must be approached with caution. On the other hand, you are awarded the contract and need to… Read more »

GAO Protest Overly Restrictive RFP Requirements

Filing Pre-Award GAO Protests for Overly Restrictive RFP Requirements As a CEO, you wonder how you can overcome government RFPs with overly restrictive RFP requirements. Whether intentional or not, government contracting agencies sometimes post RFP’s that appear to be too restrictive. Your task is to understand how to overcome this… Read more »