GAO Protest Automatic CICA Stay 31 USC 3553

As a federal contractor, you might be familiar with the general rule that is you have grounds to file a bid protest due to improper proposal evaluation or some other valid reason, you as the disappointed offeror can file a bid protest at   the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and obtain… Read more »

FAR Conflict of Interest

Hiring of Former Government Officials If your company hires a former government official, it can be disqualified from a competition based upon the appearance of impropriety which is created by the hire. There is no requirement for an actual impropriety to be shown in a FAR9.5 Organizational Conflict of Interest bid… Read more »

GAO – Challenging Agency Corrective Action Protest

Taking corrective action for purposes of an agency protest, means that the Agency has chosen to re-evaluate proposals, re-enter discussions, or some other aspect of the source selection process.  Bidders are not always happy with the actual agency corrective action. However, the question becomes what legal avenues are available to the challenge… Read more »