Past Performance Evaluation of Parent Companies And Bid Protests

Past performance evaluation of parent companies can sometimes go unnoticed by the government or bidders submitting proposals. There a certain allowances where a contractor can submit, and use past performance evaluations of parent companies. However, the starting point is to understand the general legal analysis for affiliation under procurement laws…. Read more »

FAR 52.219 14 Limitation on Subcontracting Rule Tips & 13 CFR 125.6

Avoid Costly Mistakes Under the FAR 52.219-14 Limitations on Subcontracting Clause & 13 CFR 125.6 Submitting a proposal to the federal government implies that you will comply with the new FAR limitations on subcontracting rules or small business set aside percentage of work such as 13 CFR 125.6 and FAR 52.219-14. Under the… Read more »

Incumbent Contractor and Filing Bid Protest

Recently, incumbent contractors are finding that they are losing more and more government contracts and subsequent bid protest. They also find it difficult to write more competitive government proposals that increase their chances of follow-on contracts. As the apparent successful offeror, you should also be mindful of the dreadful affiliation… Read more »

Federal Government Delays & Government Contract Delay Claims

There are often construction delays in government contracting, especially federal government delays  in construction contracts for weather conditions, and it is important to understand when these delays may be actionable in court. A government contract delays claim must be submitted in compliance with the Contract Disputes Act. A dispute can occur with… Read more »

Bid Protest Of Proposed Staffing Levels

Many government solicitations require you to propose adequate staffing levels in order to get a higher score at the technical evaluation stage. A problem arises in a bid protest where the agency gives you a weakness simply because your proposal did not meet the government estimates. This is especially true… Read more »

Government Protest Tips For Intervenor

In any government contract bid protest, and under bid protest intervenor law, any interested party, including the awardee, can intervene and protect their rights to the contract.  Intervenors in any government protest must still meet the interested party requirements. After the intervention process is complete, your attorney may seek admission… Read more »

Government Red Team Proposal Review — Must Dos

Putting together a Red Team proposal review panel for final RFP review makes or breaks your success of winning. You must have the right mix of team members because you want to direct focus on the result and not conflict among personalities. The key to any government proposal review is… Read more »

Federal RFP Bids and Proposal Writing Developments

Federal RFP Bidding Impact on Contractors As competition for federal RFP bids has become tougher over the years,  proposal writing efforts have proved fruitless for both small and large businesses. The developments for source selection leave contractors wondering why they are not winning government contracts. Not only has competition become… Read more »