Types of Government Contracts

It is crucial to understand the types of government contracts  in federal contracting because different types can create different remedies.  The various types of government contracts impact your financial implications and work responsibilities and performance in numerous ways.  You want to make sure you understand what type of contract you… Read more »

Joint Venture Advantages and Disadvantages

Although the SBA has new rules addressing joint venture agreements and affiliation, if you have a JV agreement that does not meet the regulatory requirements, your company can still be affiliated and lose the contract. In federal government contracting, there are many joint venture advantages and disadvantages (JV). However, there… Read more »

Competitive Range Determination in Government Contracting

Learn How to Address Agency Exclusion From the Competitive Range Determinations in Government Contracting Bid Protests If your company has been excluded from the competitive range during a federal bid, there are some issues to watch out for. Just like any bid protest case, it’s all about what is in… Read more »

Arbitrary and Capricious Standard for Challenging Agency Actions

Many government contractors often try, but fail to successfully argue that the Government agency acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner when evaluating and deciding which company gets the contract award. When litigating a bid protest,  it is critical to first understand what the arbitrary and capricious definition is before you… Read more »

Overcoming FAR Contractor Release of Claims Hurdles

During the performance of a federal project, a government contractor release of contract claims statement can blindside contractors. In good faith, they believe that once the agency gets the benefit of services that they will be paid. Cases show that is simply not true. Unfortunately, many appeals at the various boards… Read more »

Understanding Termination Settlement Proposals, Damages & Appeals

After the government exercises it rights to terminate your contract for convenience, you then have to submit your damages in a termination for convenience settlement proposal. It must be done within one year. The  termination settlement proposal should be submitted in the form with the certification prescribed by the contracting… Read more »

Federal False Claims Act Statute of Limitations 18 USC 3731

Understanding the applicable federal False Claims Act statute of limitations can often get the case dismissed if not adhered to by the government. As for any case, facts drive the outcome of any limitations dispute.  The is regulation puts the burden of the federal government to act. Common examples related to… Read more »

SBA Fraud Cases – Defending Government Contract Fraud Allegations

SBA OIG and Other Investigations Agencies Step Up SBA Fraud Cases for 8a Government Contracts The Eastern District Court bought the gravel down on two federal contractor executives for SBA 8a small business fraud and abusing the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 8a contracting program to obtain more than $31 million in… Read more »

Cost Evaluation Methods Cost Realism Evaluation Bid Protest

Oftentimes, government contracting agencies attempt to support their cost evaluation methods and ultimate award solely on the cost submitted by the contractor. However, a flawed evaluation can become target to a bid protest at the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Cost Evaluation Methods in Cost-Reimbursement Contracts When an agency evaluates pricing… Read more »