Technical Approach Proposal Basics For Federal Contracts

When a government solicitation requires you to write a technical approach proposal, there are certain critical points to keep in mind. Understanding how the contracting agency and source selection team evaluate your proposal will also impact your approach on how to write a project proposal for your next federal contract…. Read more »

Tips for Government RFP Responses

When it comes to government contracting,  an RFP response requires the bidder to carefully review the solicitation requirements and respond to each and every aspect of the proposal requirements. Bidders usually find that the source selection board will reduce technical evaluation scores and assign weakness for failure to comply. RFP responses… Read more »

Past Performance Evaluation Confidence Ratings

Protesters often file bid protests challenge a government contracting agency’s  past performance evaluation confidence ratings of their proposals. Common concerns include the agency’s assignment of an unsatisfactory past confidence ratings. Agencies often find that your past performance examples or references were not relevant. This is where the initial controversy begins…. Read more »

Avoid Severin Doctrine Litigation Claims & Appeal Mistakes

In a recent case appealing a claim against the government, the agency filed for summary judgment invoking the Severin doctrine. Government contracts must be aware of this rule when appealing a government contract claim denial. What is the Severin Doctrine? This rule comes from the case of Severin v. United… Read more »