False Claims Act Statute of Limitations 18 USC 3731

Understanding the applicable federal False Claims Act statute of limitations can often get the case dismissed if not adhered to by the government. As for any case, facts drive the outcome of any limitations dispute.  The is regulation puts the burden of the federal government to act. Common examples related to… Read more »

Government Contract Fraud Defenses and False Claims Act

Government contract fraud litigation has escalated over the past few years due to the increased government oversight. A particular target of federal procurement law is the federal False Claims Act. 28 USC 2514. To prevail under section 2514, the government must “establish by clear and convincing evidence that the contractor knew… Read more »

What is the False Claims Act? 31 USC 3729

The False Claims Act (FCA) is governed under (31 USC 3729) avoids fraudulent activity against the federal government.  As a federal contractor, you must make sure that you have the requisite policies and training programs in place. Contractor policies should focus on preventing fraud, waste and abuse. At all cost, you must… Read more »

False Claims Act Liability for Subcontractors

On the issue of False Claims Act liability, there are varying opinions about prime and subcontractor liability. The bottom line is that both prime contractors and subcontractors can be liable under the Federal False Claims Act.  The DOJ and various agency IG offices have increased the level of investigations and… Read more »

Ten Commandments to Avoid Contractor Suspension and Debarment

Ten Commandments to Avoid Contractor Suspension and Debarment

When it comes to suspension and debarment from government contracts, companies should follow the basic ten commandments to reduce an adverse decision when responding to a proposed suspension debarment notice. Show That Your Company is a Responsible Government Contractor When responding to contractor debarment and suspension notices, the critical point… Read more »