Colorado Limited Liability Company Act LLC Basics

Understanding the Legal Nuances of the Colorado Limited Liability Company Act Can Minimize Headaches and Costly Legal Mistakes With LLC Laws. Many start-up companies in Colorado elect the LLC business entity. However, failure to follow the basic statutory requirements can expose business owners to personal liability. Although easy to  start… Read more »

Colorado Limited Liability Company vs Limited Liability Corporation LTD vs LLC

 Choosing whether to start a Colorado limited liability company vs limited liability corporation is a question that many small business owners ask in Colorado.  Without a deep understanding of the formations and liability requirements, business owners often find themselves in legal hot water or facing lawsuits for personal liability. Understanding the differences can turn… Read more »

Forming a Colorado Limited Liability Partnership – Forming LLP

Forming a Colorado limited partnership means operating a business with more than one owner. This type of business partnership offers owners some level of limited personal liability for business debts. A limited liability partnership (LLP) adds to the other business entities. The difference is that although looked at as a… Read more »

Colorado LLC Limited Liability Company Partnership Agreement

Know the Basic Contents of  Your Colorado Limited Liability Company Partnership Agreement Although there may be other items that you want to include in a Colorado limited liability company  LLC partnership agreement, there are some important things that you may wish to consider before finalizing an executed operating agreement. It is always… Read more »

Limited Liability Company LLC Advantages and Disadvantages

What is limited liability company and the advantages and disadvantages? As a new business owner, when forming a new company, you want to know what type of legal entity best suits your business goals. People are aware that a limited liability company is one of the easiest to form. However, depending… Read more »

Colorado Limited Liability Company — What is it?

A Colorado Limited Liability LLC Company means a business structure allowed by Colorado statute. If you are forming a CO LLC you want to ensure that you consult with your state law or business lawyer to understand your responsibilities and legal obligations. Limited Liability Company members must also provide a statement in the… Read more »

Colorado LLC Laws — LLC Personal Liability Protection

LLC Personal liability protection is somewhat reduced under Colorado LLC laws when compared to other states. In 2012, the Colorado Court of Appeals “pierced the corporate veil” by deciding that business owners or corporations and limited liability companies are liable for personally responsible for business debts. See Martin v. Freeman, 2012… Read more »

What is a Limited Partnership? Limited vs General Partner

A Limited Partnership, as compared to a general partnership, is formed by two or more people doing business. At least person must act as the general partner. That person must have actual management authority for the day-day- activities of the company. This is in direction comparison to the other person(s) within the business… Read more »

What is a Joint Venture? SBA JV Definition and Meaning

The legal definition of a joint venture JV for purposes of a federal government contract is an arrangement where two or more companies enter into a JV relationship and partnership agreement for the sole purpose of bidding on and performing a government contract. Under the SBA definition, the joint venture… Read more »