Government Novation Agreement FAR 42.1204 Assignment of Contract

Assignment of contract decisions when there is a purchase and sale agreement involving a company that has existing government contracts should be met with caution. When novating a contract, although FAR 42.12 allows the buying and selling parties to execute an assignment and novation agreement due to an asset purchase… Read more »

Assets Purchase Agreement & Government Contract Novation 41 USC 15

As a government contractor, or company seeking to buy a business where federal contracts are involved, you must consider the various implications you face given the federal regulations governing the sale of a business and assignment of contract issues. There are various legal nuances involved such as whether or not… Read more »

Government Novation Contracts & Federal Assignment of Contract

Avoid some of the most deadly mistakes when preparing and submitting a federal government novation contracts and assignment of contract documents! Under FAR 42.12, government contract novation agreements are sometimes required when the buyer of an existing contractor firm assumes an obligation to pay or perform under the terms of the… Read more »

Merger and Acquisition of Federal Contractors

After federal contractors acquire government contracts, some of them seek an exit strategy structuring a merger and acquisition of the company. However, when compared to the traditional commercial practice, when there are existing government contracts involved, buyers and sellers should beware. If you are contemplating joining your company with a… Read more »

SBA Affiliation Definition Common Management & Identity of Interest

Common Management & Identity of Interest Common management and identity of interest involve complex  SBA affiliation regulations, that if violated can impact your ability to bid on future government contracts. Issues commonly arise in size protests or during the initial 8a certification application process.  The following are pointers derived from the SBA. A basic… Read more »

Good Proposal Ideas For Government Contracts

When you find a federal Request for Proposal that you believe that you can perform, you also want to develop good proposal ideas that can reduce the government’s risk, and can also offer additional value. The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) does not give a checklist of suggestions to create additional value. The burden… Read more »