Difference Between Teaming Agreement & Joint Venture Agreement

The subtle difference between using a teaming agreement and a joint venture agreement is that a teaming agreement essentially identifies the prime contractor and subcontractor and discusses the roles of each to the government. In a joint venture arrangement, a third entity is an actual offeror and not the individual… Read more »

teaming agreement requirements

How to Avoid Costly Teaming Agreement Mistakes in a Bid Protest When submitting a government proposal, you may choose to submit a teaming agreement to show evidence of relationships with another subcontractor. Yet, a question arises in a bid protest whether your teaming agreements were sufficiently evaluated by the Source Selection Authority (SSA). … Read more »

DOD Small Business Agreement & Government Contract Teaming Agreements

DOD small business agreements and contracts, especially teaming agreement contracts, are commonplace in today’s federal marketplace. Government DOD contracts get larger and more complex. Small companies cannot keep up with the increased resources that it takes to bid for and perform more major federal contracts. As a result, small businesses seek out other… Read more »

Is Your Teaming Agreement An Enforceable Contract?

Is Your Company Using a Generic Teaming Agreement Template? Beware. Under FAR 9.6, government contractors can submit bids using teaming agreements that allow subcontractors to perform under the upcoming contract. This strategy is beneficial for at least two reasons. First, small businesses can use this strategy to reach larger projects because the… Read more »

Government Contractor Teaming Agreement & Legal Subcontractor Agreements

Beware of Improperly Drafted Government Contractor Team Arrangements  Small business team arrangements are becoming hot topics with small business set aside awards.  Knowing how and when to use a teaming agreement vs a joint venture agreement is essential when submitting bids. When it comes to government business contracts, this aspect of the… Read more »

SBA Joint Venture Agreement Definition & Meaning

Failing to Comply With SBA Joint Venture Agreement Definition and Affiliation Rules Can Cost You the Contract. The definition of joint venture means two or more businesses joining forces for a profit. The effort is generally targeted to a specific project. In government contracting, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is the… Read more »

SBA Affiliation Rules & Joint Venture Agreements

Despite the SBA’s new affiliation rules reducing the possibility of affiliation, small businesses must still be aware of the costly legal mistakes made during the bidding process as well as day-today operations.  Your company can lose government contracts if correctly challenged in a small business size protest. Companies consistently run… Read more »

How to Structure Contractor Teaming Arrangements

When it comes to structuring contractor teaming arrangements, the economy has become more challenging to small business owners. Government contracting is also becoming more challenging and hard to bid.  However, survivors are aggressively finding teaming partners to perform those federal projects that are left. The focus on teaming arrangements in federal contracts… Read more »