GSA Bid Protests, FSS & GSA GWAC Contracts

By: Leanna Ajour, Esq.  As a company that conducts business within the sphere of government contracts, you may have come across GWACs (Government-wide Acquisition Contracts). While you already know that government contracts can be a landmine of tricky regulations and complex rules compliance, what you don’t know about GWACs and… Read more »

Government’s Technical Bid Proposal Evaluation & Scoring

Avoid Some of the Most Costly Mistakes Seen With Government Technical Bid Evaluation & Scoring  The federal government’s Technical Bid Evaluation Report and evaluation scoring regulations for proposals have many nuances that contractors are not familiar with.  In addition, small businesses and large contractors alike are not always clear about how the government… Read more »

Contract Disputes Act Statute of Limitations for Government Contract Claims

By Theodore P. Watson, Esq. Government contractors are sometimes confused about the Contract Disputes Act (CDA) statute of limitations when it comes to submitting government contract claims. The Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 (FASA) changed the CDA to establish a limitation period for filing contract claims against the Government. There are still... Read more »

FAR 52.219-14 Limitations on Subcontracting Rule Tips

Our Lawyers Help to Avoid Costly Mistakes Under the FAR 52.219-14 Limitations on Subcontracting Clause & 13 CFR 125.6 Are you a government contractor or a small business owner using teaming agreements and joint venture agreements? Do you know the consequences of violating FAR 52.219 Limitations on Subcontracting Rules? Avoid… Read more »

Incumbent Contractor and Filing Bid Protest

Recently, incumbent contractors are finding that they are losing more and more government contracts and subsequent bid protest. They also find it difficult to write more competitive government proposals that increase their chances of follow-on contracts. As the apparent successful offeror, you should also be mindful of the dreadful affiliation… Read more »

Government Proposal Red Team Review — Must Dos

Putting together a Proposal Red Team review panel for final RFP review makes or breaks your success of winning. You must have the right mix of team members because you want to direct focus on the result and not conflict among personalities. The key to any government proposal review is… Read more »

Federal RFP Bids and Proposal Writing Developments

Federal RFP Bidding Impact on Contractors As competition for federal RFP bids has become tougher over the years,  proposal writing efforts have proved fruitless for both small and large businesses. The developments for source selection leave contractors wondering why they are not winning government contracts. Not only has competition become… Read more »

SBA Affiliation Rules Identity of Interest 13 CFR 121.103

Small Business Administration and SBA affiliation rules regarding identity of interest challenges can be complex and confusing when litigating in a small business size protest case. Governed under 13 CFR 121.103, affiliation in federal procurement and  SBA regulations can be found under a variety of circumstances. For example, a major… Read more »