Failure to Train Discrimination Defense

Some Colorado employers are faced with an employment discrimination charge when an employee alleges that the employer discriminated against them by failing to train them. Colorado Courts generally allow failure to train discrimination cases to move forward at trial. There does not have to be a material adverse change in… Read more »

Defending Against Employment Discrimination Lawsuits in Colorado

When it comes to lawsuits against employers for discrimination in Colorado, not every allegation of employment discrimination by an employee is valid. However, Colorado employers sometimes are not clear as to what actions are allowable, how to prevent workplace discrimination from occurring, or how to defend against EEOC discrimination charges. 68%… Read more »

National Origin Discrimination in the Workplace — Colorado

Information for Colorado Employers that Can Minimize Litigation National origin discrimination in the workplace, under Colorado discrimination laws, occurs when employers treat applicants or employees unfavorably because of factors such as ethnicity, national origin, accent, or even if the employer perceived them to be of a certain national original regardless of whether… Read more »

Types of Employment Discrimination Damages

The below information has been primarily extracted from the EEOC Website. As an employer involved in an employment discrimination case, you should seek legal advice for a local employer defense lawyer. You should understand the types of employment discrimination damages that your company can be exposed to. Types of Employment Discrimination Damages… Read more »