Sole Source Justification and Approval FAR 6.303-2 & 6.302 2

When an agency decides to award sole source contracts, a FAR Justification and Approval (J&A) is required as a check and balance to the Competition in Contracting Act requirement that federal contracting agencies must resort to full and open competition procurements. Many contractors often want to challenge the agency’s decision… Read more »

FAR Sole Source Justification Contracts CICA

Small businesses involved in government contracting find themselves excluded from opportunities because of FAR sole source justification contracts . Government contract law allows federal agencies the opportunity award sole source contracts, so long as the explanation is reasonable, and does not violate other regulations.   Do Sole Source Justifications Violate the Competition… Read more »

Understanding The Government’s Best Value Source Selection Process

Avoid the deadliest mistakes when submitting best value bids to the government. One of the most important pieces of information when developing a government RFP response is to understand how the federal government uses the best value source selection and RFP process to decide who wins the contract. Contractors bidding… Read more »

Price Realism Evaluation in Proposals

Filing a bid protest based upon allegations that the agency failed to conduct a proper price realism evaluation analysis can be tricky. The reason why government contractors fail in GAO protests is mostly because they find themselves arguing how the agency is supposed to conduct the price realism evaluation. An… Read more »

Past Performance Evaluation Confidence Ratings

Protesters often file bid protests challenge a government contracting agency’s  past performance evaluation confidence ratings of their proposals. Common concerns include the agency’s assignment of an unsatisfactory past confidence ratings. Agencies often find that your past performance examples or references were not relevant. This is where the initial controversy begins…. Read more »

Protesting Technically Unacceptable Proposal Decisions

Quite a few federal contractors find themselves disappointed in GAO’s protest decision that agrees with the agency’s evaluation decision. Protesting technically unacceptable proposal decisions in a GAO protest can be disappointing if contractors fail to apply the proper legal analysis in a bid protest.  When writing your technical proposal, merely… Read more »

SBA Certificate of Competency COC Determinations

SBA Certificate of Competency issues arise in government contracting when the contracting officer makes a determination that your company, the apparent offeror, cannot perform the contract. However, common disputes occur about whether the SBA referral is valid and whether the SBA followed its regulations when acting on the COC referral and… Read more »

Government Contract Bundling What are the Rules?

Understand the Rules When You Allege Government Contract Bundling As a small business, you may often wonder whether the government contracting agency is unlawfully engaging in bundling their contracts. Others may wonder whether there is anything they can do about it.  The first thing that small businesses must do is… Read more »