Construction Claims Appeal & Contracting Officer Final Decision

Avoid Getting Your Case Dismissed on Appeal. A contracting officer’s final decision in federal government contracting carries a lot of weight. For example,  a federal contracting officer is the final authority for approving or denying claims or requests for equitable adjustments.  Contractors and non-government contracting attorneys often make costly mistakes… Read more »

Anti Kickback Statute Penalties

Anti Kickback Statute Resolving Challenges of Fraud and Penalties Government contractors or health care agencies accused of violating the Anti Kickback Statute or fraud can be in for some huge fines if a court rules against them. Having sound internal practices and a thorough understanding of the applicable laws can greatly… Read more »

Prompt Payment Act Resolving Invoice Problems

The Federal Prompt Payment Act (PPA), 31 USC 3901-3905 , ensures that federal agencies pay vendors for their invoices on time. However, not all government invoices paid on time. This not only creates a hardship; it also impacts the contractor’s ability to perform other contracts and meet other financial obligation. Prompt payment… Read more »

Motion to Intervene in Federal Court of Claims Bid Protest

Filing a United States Court of Federal Claims motion to intervene in a bid protest can be a tricky process. Bid protest lawyers sometimes run afoul of the court’s analysis for motions to intervene. A government contractor can make the costly mistake of not filing a timely intervention motion. Although,… Read more »

ASBCA Cases & Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals Lawyers

Appealing a claim to the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA Cases) means that you first should have a Contracting Officer’s final decision as required under the Contract Disputes Act. Under ASBCA rules, you also want to ensure that you have not waived your right to appeal by agreeing to… Read more »

Government Shutdown and Contractor Claims

The government shutdown could impact the amount of claims or equitable adjustments submitted by contractors. However, as for any claim under the Contract Disputes Act, businesses must be aware that such claims must be directly related to the contract itself. A common issue that will arise is the ability of contractors to pay their… Read more »

Procurement Integrity Act Violations

The Federal Government Has Increased Oversight and is Cracking Down on Procurement Integrity Act violations. May 2016- Former Marine Corps Contracting Officer Sentenced To 37 Months For Conspiracy. Getting charged with obtaining procurement information, allegations of receiving personal profits can lead to harsh penalties under the Procurement Integrity Act(PIA). Many… Read more »