Newly Organized Concern Rule & Affiliation Small Business Size Protests

Under the Newly Organized Concern Rule, when filing or defending an SBA Small Business Size Protest, government contractors must be aware of the nuances and landmines awaiting them. The newly organized concern rule consists of four required elements:   (1) the former officers, directors, principal stockholders, managing members, or key… Read more »

Why Your SBA 8 a Application is Denied

The Small Business Administration may deny your SBA 8a application for several reasons. A common problem occurs when the SBA requests more information as a precondition of admission to the 8(a) Business Development Program. When the SBA tells you that your 8a application is incomplete and requests more information, your application… Read more »

8a Application Problems, Denials and Appeals

Understanding the 8a Application Denial and Appeals Process is Critical Before Acting After you submit your 8 a application, there is a 60% chance that you will experience problems with denials and appeals. One of the biggest problems in the application process is that applicants fail to show that the are… Read more »

Government Proposal and SBA 8a Certifications

Rules for SBA 8a Certification in Government Proposals When it comes to SBA 8a certifications, although contracting agencies can consider subcontractor experience in government proposals, there is no mandatory requirement to do so. A government contracting agency need not consider your subcontractor experience where the solicitation contemplates award of a… Read more »

SBA 8a Certification Requirements for Your SBA 8a Application

The SBA requirements for 8a certification force applicants to divulge a vast amount of personal and business information. To obtain your SBA 8a certification status, you must meet very specific SBA requirements.   Failure to meet any of the eligibility requirements or 8a certification will cause suspicion and rejection from the SBA…. Read more »

SBA 8a Certification Process

Avoid Common Problems in the SBA 8a Certification Application Process During the 8a certification process, the SBA scrutinizes each 8a application to ensure that the applicant meets the statutory requirement for certification. The public is usually not told of the detailed requirements for certification. As a result, many 8a certification packages are… Read more »