What is An Inverted Domestic Corporation?

By: Theodore P. Watson, Esq. Companies doing business with the federal government should be aware that a violation of the rule against doing business with an inverted domestic corporation is alive and well.  If you a company with various aspects of the company operating overseas, you should carefully review the… Read more »

Affiliation Issues in 8a Contracting and Native American Contracting

Native American contracting still has its ups and downs. SBA OHA is still faced with subcontractor affiliation appeals despite what some may consider easy to understand rules under 13 CFR 121.103. As recently as April 2017, the Small Business Administration (SBA) found Olgoonik Diversified Services, LLC to be affiliated due… Read more »

Understanding Liquidated Damages Construction Government Contracts

Prime contractors on a federal construction contract can find themselves in serious jeopardy when the completion of the project is delayed. This is when the government exercises its rights under the liquidated damages clause in the contract. Understanding the ins and outs of how the liquidated damages clause can benefit… Read more »

Relevant Past Performance Evaluation of Proposal Responses

When drafting your RFP response to a government proposal, solicitations typically call for relevant past performance. This means that your referenced projects must be recent, similar to the scope of work in the proposed project, and must also be of the same size and complexity. However, this does not mean… Read more »