Contractor & Government Sanctions Imposed by ASBCA or CBCA Boards

A board of contract appeal has the authority to impose sanctions, including government sanctions, on parties for unacceptable behavior.  While boards do not have the authority to impose monetary sanctions, federal courts, such as the Court of Federal Claims, can.  When a board imposes either contractor or government sanctions, the sanction… Read more »

SBA Affiliation Definition Common Management & Identity of Interest

SBA Common management and identity of interest disputes in size protest cases involve complex  SBA affiliation regulations, that if violated can impact your ability to bid on future government contracts. The following are pointers derived from the SBA. A basic understanding can help you avoid costly mistakes, such as common management… Read more »

Ostensible Subcontractor Rule: Primary and Vital Contract Requirements

Ostensible Subcontractor Rule:  Primary and Vital Contract Requirements By Theodore P. Watson, Esq. and Cheryl E. Adams, Esq. Prime’s Management of the Project is Critical When your company bids on a federal government contract as a small business, prime contractor management of the project under the ostensible agreement is essential… Read more »

Government Contracting Construction Delay Claims

Federal government construction contractors often lose a considerable amount of money when the contracting officer denies a construction delay claims under the FAR Changes Clause. The first concern is to know whether your claim is actually a compensable claim or not.  For example,  under FAR  construction regulations, all excusable delays will… Read more »

ASBCA Rules – Jurisdiction and Contractor Claims

Making sure that your government contract claim appeal is, and can be, heard by the proper body is critical under Board of Contract Appeals ASBCA Rules.  If you file an appeal that cannot be heard, you are simply wasting time and money. When the contracting officer issues a final decision,… Read more »

Filing Small Business SBA NAICS Code Protests – Dos and Don’ts

Protesting the Small Business Administration SBA North American Industry Classification System (NAICs Code) size standard for a government contract can be tricky when you try to qualify as small. This is especially true when there are differences between the amount of labor required and the overall cost of the contract. How Does… Read more »