Government Procurement Fraud Defense to False Claims Act

Government procurement fraud litigation has escalated over the past few years due to the increased government oversight. A particular target of federal procurement law is the federal False Claims Act. 28 USC 2514. To prevail under section 2514, the government must “establish by clear and convincing evidence that the contractor knew… Read more »

Responding to Government Cure Notices

Avoid Costly Mistakes When Responding to Government Cure Notices That Can Almost Guarantee a Termination for Default Giving the agency a reason to issue a government contract cure notice can put your company at a great disadvantage because chances are that you are on the path to receiving a termination for default…. Read more »

Contract Disputes Act Statute of Limitations for Government Contract Claims

By Theodore P. Watson, Esq. Government contractors are sometimes confused about the Contract Disputes Act (CDA) statute of limitations when it comes to submitting government contract claims. The Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 (FASA) changed the CDA to establish a limitation period for filing contract claims against the Government. There are still... Read more »

SBA Affiliation Rules Identity of Interest 13 CFR 121.103

Small Business Administration and SBA affiliation rules regarding identity of interest challenges can be complex and confusing when litigating in a small business size protest case. Governed under 13 CFR 121.103, affiliation in federal procurement and  SBA regulations can be found under a variety of circumstances. For example, a major… Read more »

FAR Organizational Conflict of Interest

Organizational Conflict of Interest FAR Guidance Hiring of Former Government Officials If your company hires a former government official, it can be disqualified from a competition based upon the appearance of impropriety which is created by the hire. There is no requirement for an actual impropriety to be shown in a… Read more »

SBA Small Business Size Protest Requirements

Avoid costly mistakes that can cost you tens of thousands in small business size protest litigation. Theodore P. Watson, Esq –  Government Contracts and SBA Bid Protest Lawyer According to the SBA small business size protest requirements, filing a bid protest against your competitor must be approached with caution. On… Read more »