Foreign Corrupt Practices Act SEC & DOJ FCPA Violation Penalties

US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA fines and penalties and violations can be premised upon your efforts in due diligence or otherwise seek to determine whether there was a legitimate business purpose for the use of a “middleman” or consultant.  Under the FCPA anti bribery provisions, this is especially true… Read more »

Government Contract FAR Novation Agreements FAR 42.1204

Theodore P. Watson, Esq. ( Federal FAR. Novation of Contract Law Lawyer) Are you a federal government contractor who needs help navigating the complex process of novating contracts? Or maybe you’re a business owner facing the daunting task of novating contracts during a purchase or sale. Whatever your situation, we’re… Read more »

Construction Claims Appeal for Government Contracts

Oftentimes, a  government contracts construction claims appeal is dismissed on appeal for lack of jurisdiction by the court. This can cost you a substantial amount of litigation fees only to find out that your case is dismissed on a technicality. To avoid such a peril, your must understand the basics when it… Read more »

Contract Disputes Act of 1978 Certification Requirements

Contract Claims Certification and Appeals Requirements When reviewing the Contract Disputes Act certification requirements for litigation and appeals, a costly mistake made by government contractors is to submit a claim against the government but not follow the claim certification requirements of the Act. Another mistake is to file a government… Read more »

Contract Disputes –Government and Business

A contract dispute may come in varying shapes and sizes.  Whether you are a Government contractor or a Small Business, contracts dispute can take a toll on your work and ultimately cost you money.  While the best option is to have an attorney draft or review any contract before signing,… Read more »

Basic Difference Between Unilateral Contract and Bilateral Contract

A Unilateral contract is vastly different from a bilateral contract. The elements of a contract are previously discussed in our Contracts article.  There are two main types of contracts: bilateral and unilateral. A Promise for Performance. By comparing the difference between Bilateral and Unilateral Agreements, a bilateral contract constitutes a… Read more »

What is Civil Litigation? Hiring Civil Litigation Defense Lawyers

When thinking about the civil litigation meaning, one must contrast a criminal defendant on trial as opposed to a civil defendant that is being for money damages or some other non-criminal sanction. Civil litigation law includes a variety of practice areas that include, probate, personal injury law, family law, contract law… Read more »

Government Contractor Defense Lawyers

Theodore P. Watson, Esq.Watson & Associates, LLC professionals often serve as government contractor defense attorneys. when the Department of Justice (DOJ) or the Office of Inspector General ( OIG) comes knocking on your door. The importance of having a strong legal defense early in the investigation stage means having legal… Read more »

Joint Venture Definition

Failing to Comply with SBA Joint Venture Definition and Affiliation Rules Can Cost You the Contract.  The SBA joint venture definition means two or more businesses joining forces for a profit. The effort is generally targeted to a specific project in federal contracting. In government contracting, the Small Business Administration (SBA)… Read more »