List of TAA Compliant Countries 2023 for Government Contracts

The Trade Agreements Act (TAA) applies to GSA Schedule Contracts, requiring that all products listed on the contract be manufactured or “substantially transformed” in either the United States or a TAA-compliant “designated country”. The designated TAA compliant countries encompass: 1. Countries under the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement. 2…. Read more »

What is the DOJ Investigation Process for Government Contractors

The Department of Justice (DOJ) conducts investigations into potential wrongdoing by government contractors. The DOJ investigation process can vary depending on the nature and complexity of the alleged misconduct. What Does the DOJ Investigate? The Department of Justice (DOJ) plays a crucial role in investigating and prosecuting government contract cases… Read more »

What Are White Collar Crimes in Government Contracting?

Theodore P Watson, Government Contractor Defense Attorney. Government Contractors Charged With White Collar Crimes Face Serious Fines and Potential Jail Time. Having an Experience White Collar Lawyer That Also Understands Federal Government Contracting is Critical to Getting a Favorable Outcome. Not all Local Criminal Defense Counsel have this Unique Experience… Read more »

Federal Indictments for Government Contractor Fraud

What is a Federal Indictment?  Can a Defendant in a Government Contractor Fraud Case Get an Indictment Overturned? Theodore P. Watson. Federal indictments from a grand jury in a federal criminal case involving federal government contractors and defendants in those cases is the formal process where federal law enforcement like… Read more »