Federal Prompt Payment Act

Resolve Invoice Problems With the Government in a Cost -Effective Way The Federal Prompt Payment Act (PPA), 31 USC 3901-3905 , ensures that federal agencies pay vendors for their invoices on time. However, not all government invoices paid on time. This not only creates a hardship; it also impacts the contractor’s ability… Read more »

Government Construction Claims and Appeals

When submitting federal government construction claims or appeals, the result usually lies in your justification for the claim, whether you met the Contract Disputes Act requirements and whether there was actually a contracting officer’s final decision. In addition, when submitting a differing site condition for a construction claim, the Federal Claims Court… Read more »

Federal Appellate Lawyer

To be able to decide on whether or not to hire a federal appellate lawyer, you may want to first understand the basics of what is an appeal and what attorneys are supposed to do. The first thing that must settle in your mind is that you simply should not file… Read more »

Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals Process

Federal appeal lawyers help you to navigate through the complex procedural regulations in such a unique area of practices. If you are a party at the federal trial court and you receive and adverse decision, you could potentially have a choice to appeal the decision to a federal court of… Read more »

Federal Government Construction Contract Projects

Indulging in Federal government construction contracts can be very lucrative in the federal procurement world. However, the risk of non-performance is definitely present and any federal construction contracting company must approach projects with caution.  As a contractor, you should be aware that you are dealing with an extremely large client with… Read more »

Understanding the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

  (Failure to Understand the Basics Can Cost You Hundreds of Thousands in Litigation or Criminal Liability? What are the Federal Acquisition Regulations ( FAR)? The  Federal Acquisition Regulations ( FAR) are codified in Title 48 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations. It is issued pursuant to the Office of Federal… Read more »