Urgent and Compelling Circumstances in Government Contracting

When government contracting agencies assert urgent and compelling circumstances, it is usually a predicate for override the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA Contracting) Automatic Stay or to justify a sole source award. Although agencies may heavily document its reasons, a successful bid protest can be possible if the contractor focused… Read more »

GAO Protest Automatic CICA Stay 31 USC 3553

As a federal contractor, you might be familiar with the general rule that is you have grounds to file a bid protest due to improper proposal evaluation or some other valid reason, you as the disappointed offeror can file a bid protest at   the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and obtain… Read more »

CICA Stay Overrides for GAO Bid Protests

Filing a GAO bid protest can invoke an automatic stay of contract award or performance that lasts until GAO, or the court makes a decision. The automatic CICA Stay is typically at the GAO protest level. At the Court of Federal Claims, the stay is not automatic and protestors will… Read more »