Best Value Source Selection Process & Technical Evaluation of Proposals

When agencies use their source selection process for evaluation and best value trade-off of technical proposals, the government contract law only allows for reasonable  technical proposal and best value trade-off decisions. This occurs during the final stages of a negotiated procurement by comparing competing proposal to each other. When the Agency receives initial proposals,… Read more »

FAR Best Value Trade Off Analysis Definition & Application

Some contractors find it confusing when protesting the government’s best value trade off analysis. Without having a basic understanding of the agency’s discretion compared to what the procurement regulations require, your bid protest could be at risk. Without a proper understanding, contractors quickly find themselves in a vulnerable position during litigation…. Read more »

Best Value Bid Protest : How to Attack Them

Launching a best value bid protest very common and among the most litigated cases before GAO. Oftentimes, agencies do not follow the solicitation’s requirements. However, to attack the agency’s actual evaluation needs an argument that is more than just a disagreement. Instead, attacking the best value evaluation requires a showing… Read more »