DOD Source Selection Procedures & Neutral Past Performance Ratings

When an agency decides that your proposal does not show relevant past performance, the general rule under DOD Source Selection procedures is that you should not be rated either favorably or unfavorably. In other words, agencies should give bidders neutral past performance ratings. There are still situations where an agency’s source… Read more »

Government Protest CEO’s Quick Decision

Whether contemplating filing a government protest, or intervening into a bid protest that is already filed, CEOs must make a quick decision.  Protest deadlines are very short, and there is not much time to think. Regardless of the decision, CEO’s must always make sure to get a debriefing – even… Read more »

Responsibility Determinations & Business Ethics Bid Protests

Getting non responsibility determinations can cripple your chances of winning a federal government contract. For example, when you submit a government proposal, your past experiences can sometimes take a toll on whether you get the award. More specifically, when the agency issues a non responsibility determination under the FAR for past… Read more »

The Risk of Writing Your Bid Proposal

By: Leanna Ajour, Esq. California & Colorado Attorney Your company has its specialties and you’re good at what you do. But, providing well-written proposals detailing to legally thorough degree, the work that you do and the methodology you will use to complete a bid proposal is what we do. Having a… Read more »

FAR Conflict of Interest

Hiring of Former Government Officials If your company hires a former government official, it can be disqualified from a competition based upon the appearance of impropriety which is created by the hire. There is no requirement for an actual impropriety to be shown in a FAR9.5 Organizational Conflict of Interest bid… Read more »

GAO Bid Protest Tips for Challenging Set-Aside Decisions

In a GAO bid protest that challenges the agency’s small business set aside decision, contractors would have to focus on facts pertaining to the prior procurement history, the recommendations of appropriate small business specialists, and market surveys that include responses to sources sought announcements. This one reason why government contracting agencies issue… Read more »

How Can Bid Protest Lawyers Help You

The underlying reason that you want to file a bid protest is that you want a second “bite at the apple.” If you are the successful bidder, then you want to intervene into the protest litigation and protect your own interest. You have made the decision to file a GAO… Read more »

GAO Protest Failure to Comply With Solicitation Requirements

If you file a GAO protest and argue that the Agency did not follow procurement regulations, you must ask yourself whether your proposal failed to comply with solicitation requirements. The government contracting agency can reject your proposal for failing to adhere to the solicitation requirements. A recent GAO protest case,Compuline International, Inc.B-408379 found that the agency… Read more »

GSA Protest Sustained

WASHINGTON, DC — On, March 25, 2008, the Government Accountability Office sustained a Fedcar Company, Ltd’s. protest of the award of a lease contract to Duke Realty Limited Partnership by the General Services Administration (GSA) under solicitation for offers (SFO) No. GS-05B-18064, for the construction and lease of a dedicated… Read more »