Sealed Bid Definition – Government Bids and Proposal Process

A sealed bid is a procurement method used in the government bid and proposal process to obtain government contracts.  Sealed bidding varies from traditional government proposals; it is important to understand the differences and the nuances that go along with a sealed bid. Sealed Bid Process Sealed bidding is primarily used for… Read more »

FAR Non Responsive Bid Proposal

Non responsive bid proposals occur when the contracting agency excludes your bid because it materially failed to follow the solicitation requirements. Unless your mistake was minimal and immaterial, GAO tends to rule that the Agency made a reasonable decision. However, there are situations where agency exclusions were unreasonable. What happens in… Read more »

GAO Protests: Bid Protests at the Government Accountability Office

By: Leanna Ajour, Esq. California & Colorado Attorney In addition to overseeing the procurement process, the bid protest process at the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) oversees how the federal government spends taxpayer dollars.  Among other duties, the GAO fulfills this role by investigating allegations of improper actions in solicitations… Read more »

GAO Protest Rules Meaningful Discussions in a FAR Bid Protest

Litigating bid protest for lack of meaningful discussions when bidding with the federal government is still an ongoing problem. When contractors receive debriefings, they sometimes find that discussions held were far from meaningful. A bid protest alleging lack of meaningful discussions must be approached carefully since many agencies attempt to… Read more »

Bid Protest Corrective Action

When reviewing your case for challenging a bid protest and agency corrective action, you must first understand that in a GAO bid protest, contracting officers in negotiated procurements have broad discretion to take corrective action. The underlying basis for taking such action should be necessity ensure a fair and impartial… Read more »

Undisclosed Independent Government Cost Estimate

Can the agency use an undisclosed independent government cost estimate (IGCE FAR) to evaluate your proposal?  Take a more meaningful approach hen challenging the government contract price estimations and source selection methods. In previous GAO bid protest rulings, it has made it clear that an agency must give enough information… Read more »

FAR 15.306 Meaningful Discussions and GAO Protest Rules

Contractors often have questions about meaningful discussions under FAR 15.306 in the agency source selection process. With many GAO bid protests being filed for lack of meaningful discussions between the Government and offerors, it is important to understand the rules.   Meaningful discussions have been seen consistently in GAO protest… Read more »