CPARS Ratings & Contractor Past Performance Assessment Evaluations

Theodore P. Watson, Esq. Knowing CPAR Ratings rules can save thousands of dollars in attorney fees. The process for challenging your CPARS ratings must be correctly done and through the right channels. You cannot wait until you submit a government bid to then respond to adverse past performance evaluation decisions. … Read more »

DOD Source Selection Procedures & Neutral Past Performance Ratings

When an agency decides that your proposal does not show relevant past performance, the general rule under DOD Source Selection procedures is that you should not be rated either favorably or unfavorably. In other words, agencies should give bidders neutral past performance ratings. There are still situations where an agency’s source… Read more »

Adverse Contractor Past Performance Evaluation in GAO Bid Protest

Adverse contractor past performance evaluation in a GAO bid protest is a common problem for bidders. Sometimes there is a question about how the government contracting office evaluated your past performance and whether it complied with the stated evaluation criteria. There are a few things to keep in mind: First, although you… Read more »