Mistakes Made in GAO Protest For Corrective Action

Often, government contracting agencies take corrective action when contractors file a GAO protest. Taking corrective action mainly takes away jurisdiction from the court to hear the case. A recent GAO protest case illustrates mistakes made in a GAO protest for corrective action. In that bid protest, the protestor argued that after… Read more »

Agency Corrective Action in GAO Protest

When bid protests are filed, government contracting agencies may see merit to your case. As a result, they may decide to take corrective action. The problem usually arises when federal agency corrective action is taken but you believe that such action was not appropriate. Should you file a protest? It depends…. Read more »

GAO – Challenging Agency Corrective Action Protest

Taking corrective action for purposes of an agency protest, means that the Agency has chosen to re-evaluate proposals, re-enter discussions, or some other aspect of the source selection process.  Bidders are not always happy with the actual agency corrective action. However, the question becomes what legal avenues are available to the challenge… Read more »

Bid Protest Corrective Action

When reviewing your case for challenging a bid protest and agency corrective action, you must first understand that in a GAO bid protest, contracting officers in negotiated procurements have broad discretion to take corrective action. The underlying basis for taking such action should be necessity ensure a fair and impartial… Read more »