Court of Federal Claims Temporary Restraining Order TRO Requirements

When filing a motion for temporary restraining order (TRO) at the Court of Federal Claims (COFC), government contractors should be aware of the requirements. The Court looks at these motions and meeting requirements for injunction relief pretty seriously. COFC reviews TRO requirements in a motion for injunctive relief as an… Read more »

Contractors’ Decision to File a Bid Protest at COFC or GAO

Bid protest filed at the Court of Federal Claims is considered a new protest and not a direct appeal of the Government Accountability Office’s protest decision. When considering a contractors’ decision to file a Bid Protest at COFC or GAO, there are times when a contractor’s risk of forfeiting revenues… Read more »

Motion to Intervene Court of Federal Claims Rules

Under the requirements to intervene in a bid protest or some other case at the United States Court of Federal Claims. Avoid wasting money on procedure disputes and focus on the merits of the case. Filing a United States Court of Federal Claims motion to intervene in a bid protest… Read more »

Project Proposal Contract Evaluation Criteria In Bid Protest Cases

What is The Purpose of  Bid Proposal Evaluation Criteria? The purpose of the government’s proposal evaluation criteria is to give the agency’s evaluation team a way to determine which company has  submitted a  response to a solicitation that  best meets the Government’s stated needs.  Your contract evaluation criteria also results… Read more »

Court of Federal Claims Bid Protest

Oftentimes, government contractors wonder whether to file a GAO protest or Court of Federal Claims bid protest. As a CEO you should consider substantive and financial costs associated with each choice. There are often situations when you should file versus going to the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The following are… Read more »

Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals Process

Federal appeal lawyers help you to navigate through the complex procedural regulations in such a unique area of practices. If you are a party at the federal trial court and you receive and adverse decision, you could potentially have a choice to appeal the decision to a federal court of… Read more »

Breach of Contract Damages in Government Claims

If you are a government contractor, learning how to assess breach of contract damages in government claims is critical to recovering all damages that your company deserves. For example, you can bring suit for breach of contract under the Contract Disputes Act in the Court of Federal Claims (COFC.) You… Read more »