Corporate and white collar crimes are typically committed by an individual person or a corporation for some level of financial gain. In government contracting, for example, there is a myriad of cases where top contractor what is white collar crimeexecutives and government officials have offered, or taken, bribes in exchange for awarding federal government contracts. 

Forensic accountants, auditors, and whistle blowers identify and report white-collar crimes to the federal government. Agencies that investigate white collar crimes include the FBI, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice.

In a recent white collar crime case involving government contracts, five people within the Air National Guard were charged in white collar crime cases for procurement fraud and bribery. This was a result of a contract award under the SBA 8(a) Program.

Examples of White Collar Crime

The definition of white collar crime includes criminal offenses that include matters relating to government and procurement fraud, business transactions, and implementing schemes with intent to defraud the government.

Medicare fraud is one of the most prosecuted cases under the umbrella of white collar crime. Other examples include wire fraud, health care fraud and government procurement contract fraud.

Choosing the Right White Collar Crime Defense Lawyer

If you are subject to allegations, investigations, or facing indictment for a white collar crime, you want to find a criminal defense lawyer that understands the substantive area of the law. For example, not all criminal lawyers understand the unique nuances of federal procurement and government contract law, especially as they relate to white collar crimes.

It is important to find knowledgeable white collar crime lawyers early in the investigation stage. How you respond to the allegations and what you say can seriously impact the outcome of your case later.

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