Complex commercial litigation attorneys deal with high-stakes and a wide array of litigation rules and procedure. Businesses often engage in disputes where the outcome involves large amounts of Complex Commercial Litigation and Types of Disputesmoney, misuse of intellectual property, fraud and deceptive trade practices or even complex employee disputes.

Individuals may need defense in complex commercial disputes litigation in situations where personal liability is an issue or when partners engage in fraud or criminal activity in a commercial setting.

 Complex commercial litigation disputes can also arise when businesses or individuals engage in white collar crimes. In these types of dispute, parties may seek defense lawyers that are seasoned trial lawyers and also understand the underlying substantive laws.

What is Commercial Litigation Definition & Meaning?

Commercial law litigation is the process of seeking legal remedies in Court for complex business or personal transactions. It is always advisable to seek a commercial litigation lawyer who understands both the procedural and substantive areas of law.

There are many types of disputes that are governed by commercial law, including:

  • Advertising
  • Contracts
  • marketing
  • banking
  • bankruptcy
  • contracts
  • collections
  • marketing
  • securities
  • trade

Develop an Initial Strategy for Complex Litigation

When CEO’s are involved in litigation and disputes, they may feel at ease knowing that their lawyers have focused on the strengths of the case up front. The idea is to use the strong points to either get the case dismissed, or to quickly get the case settled before expensive litigation occurs.

In any type of complex litigation case, each CEO wants to be able to weigh the risks of pursuing trial and taking a risk of a large jury verdict, or to minimize the risk by settling.

Commercial Arbitration: Unless the parties agree otherwise, the procedures for large, complex commercial litigation disputes, can be applied to all types of disputes cases administered by the AAA under the Commercial Arbitration Rules in which the disclosed claim or counterclaim of any party is at least $500,000 exclusive of claimed interest, arbitration fees and costs.

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