Deciding whether or not to file a protest at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) makes the difference in saving substantial business revenues or letting another bidder take advantage of the opportunity. However, there are other considerations for you to think about. Most important are  the procedural requirements to file.

When finding a GAO bid protest lawyer, you want to ensure that he or she analyzes your case to meet the legal requirements for filing a protest. Your protest must state specific facts and details of why the GAO should here your case. Government contract protests are very heavily scrutinized. If your protest letter does not meet the GAO’s procedural rules, the contracting agency will try to get your case dismissed.

Basic Bid Protest Requirements

To file a GAO protest, you must show that you are an actual or prospective bidder. You must also show that but for the agency’s error you would have stood a substantial chance of getting the award. This does not mean actually getting the award.

You also have to show that you have been prejudiced or injured because of the agency actions.

When you have made the decision to file a protest, you do not have much time to act. This is why finding the best bid protest lawyer is essential. He or she must quickly analyze the merits of your case to help you to decide whether or not to file.

One of the key benefits to having a GAO protest lawyer on your team is that  he or she can include case law in support of your bid protest letter. This actually strengthens your case.

Whatever you do, your protest can not be structured as though it merely disagrees with the agency decision. This would be grounds for dismissal. Instead, you must articulate how the agency abused its discretion, acted unreasonably or violated procurement statutes or law.

Watson & Associates’ Washington DC or Colorado bid protest lawyers can help you to navigate through the tough GAO procedural rules and uncover agency mistakes.

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