Overcome the Most Costly Hurdles and Mistakes Seen in Government Contracting.

Government contractors are winning contracts every day from the government.  A cursory review of www.fbo.gov proves this point. Businesses find it hard to break the ceiling into government contracting and areOvercoming The Hurdles in Government Contracting oftentimes reluctant to put for the effort.

This is largely due to the horrors of bundling and rumors of agencies that consistently award contracts to the same contractors. To move in the right direction, there are common hurdles that prevent companies from becoming successful in government contracting. They include:

Hurdle 1

The first order of business when overcoming the hurdles in Government contracting is to know which agency is buying your service or product.

  • Anything is else is simply hope or guess-work.
  • You have to make decision based upon verifiable data.

Hurdle 2

You must know how the federal procurement process works. Almost all government contracting agencies follow the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) as their guidelines to buy commercial services or products.

  • Have someone on your team that understands the rules of engagement.
  • It will save a lot of money and time in the long run.

Overcoming these hurdles empowers your government contracting team to make logical decisions that will help your company to grow.

Hurdle 3

Position your business to stand a reasonable chance of getting awards. New contractors are apprehensive to venture into government contracting for several reasons. They include:

  • Simply not knowing the marketplace of even how to get started.
  • Adhering to rumors that government contracting involves too much red tape.
  • Wondering whether their business really stands the chance of getting a contract.

Hurdle 4

Understand how using teaming and joint ventures can supplement your company’s capability. Overcoming hurdles and getting new awards can be an uphill battle for companies that do not quite understand the nuances of teaming agreements and joint venture agreements.

Companies that fail to utilize these tools get lower technical evaluation scores when their past performance is minimal.

There are many other reasons for being apprehensive when overcoming the hurdles in Government contracting. However, the reality is that many contractors across the country are very successful in federal procurement. Given today’s economy, more and more business are seeking refuge in federal contracts.

Bottom Line

When you decide to have someone on your team to help you overcome the hurdles in government contracting, it is critical that they know the rules of engagement and can bring value to your business initiatives.

This also includes protecting existing contractors from suspension and debarment actions. As former government contracting and small business officials, we have seen contractor presentations and bid responses that simply had no value to the government.

  • Your goal is to align your company’s practices to mirror what successful government contractors are doing to become successful.

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