Avoid Some of the Most Costly Mistakes Seen With Government Technical Bid Evaluation & Scoring 

The federal government’s Technical Bid Evaluation Report and evaluation scoring regulations for proposals have many nuances that Government's Technical Bid Proposal Evaluation & Scoringcontractors are not familiar with.  In addition, small businesses and large contractors alike are not always clear about how the government conducts its technical bid analysis and best value scoring analysis and often have questions.  These are both important aspects of government proposal writing that you must understand to offer competitive bids.

As you engage in government proposal writing, your team must keep in mind the internal agency practices and legal requirements. Without it, during the government technical bid evaluation report and scoring phase, you can put your company in harm’s way and may not get the award.

What is the Government’s RFP Requirement for Your Technical Bid Evaluation Report?

First, under the government’s technical bid evaluation report and scoring system, government contractors must realize that in each solicitation, agencies are not required to tell bidders the Technical Bid Evaluation Report and exact methodology. Bidders are only allowed sufficient information that they can make informative decisions when bidding.

However, the particular method of the government’s technical bid evaluation  and technical analysis for bid scoring system must give a rational basis for source selection and be consistent with the evaluation criteria in the solicitation.  Your proposal writing efforts should keep the following in mind:

  • Solicitations only give you the government’s general proposal evaluation approach.
  • Your bid must provide in-depth problem-solving skills that make the agency interested in what you have to say in your proposal.
  • The best approach to proposal writing is to keep your competition in mind.

What Should You do to Avoid the Risk of Getting a Low Score in Technical Bidding to the Government?

Each time you write a government proposal response, you must always articulate your bidding approach to every aspect of the Performance Work Statement (PWS).

  • This means detailing the how’s, who’s and when’s during the tendering process.  

Many publicized bid protest decisions often show that bidders forget to provide the level of detail sought in the agency’s technical evaluation scoring system.  Oftentimes technical weakness becomes a problem when your approach does not tell the source selection personnel who is responsible for certain aspects of the PWS. Find out more about filing a bid protest when challenging technical bid evaluation scores as an incumbent contractor.

In other cases, contractors in their technical writing do not explain their labor and why their choice of labor categories would best suit the government’s result.  When you submit your technical approach, you should always discuss risk mitigation strategies.  This is a critical part of the government’s Technical Bid Evaluation Report.

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