There is no nice way to explain the federal investigation process. Individuals, corporations and even unintended third parties are fair game. Federal prosecutors are here to build a criminal case. Sometimes the facts during a federal criminal investigation can point to you. Nevertheless, always remember that those who may at first be a non-target can very well end up on the government’s hotlist. In reality, federal investigations are serious business. The only real comfort is to find a federal criminal defense lawyer that really understands the process. This is especially true when there is government fraud, procurement fraud on any criminal case involving government contractors.

Are you under Federal Investigation?

What Should You Do If Investigators Want to Talk to You?

When there is a federal investigation, you will more than likely be contacted by a federal investigator. The question that you might be asking is whether you should be speaking to the investigator. In reality, you should cooperate but only in the presence of your attorney.

The serious note on any federal government investigation is that the government is building a criminal case. It may be against you. If not you now, it can be against you later. Comments without constitutional protection are fair game in a government investigation.

If you are a government contractor, government employee or contractor employee, the stakes are even higher.

Tip: Never speak to government personnel in an OIG investigation unless you have your attorney present.

Tip: Never speak to other third parties or write documents about the issues related to the investigation because those communications and statements in them can haunt you later and be used against you in a criminal proceeding.

Tip: Remember that any lie you tell a federal investigator can be counted in a false claims case or some other criminal proceeding. In other words, if you lie to the feds you can end up serving jail time.

How can a Federal Investigation Attorney Help You?

This is the mistake that most people make and which seals their fate.

The should be no guesswork as to whether a federal investigation attorney can help you during a government investigation. The goal of your defense attorney is to put you in the best possible scenario possible.

Does this always mean that the government will exonerate you of every potential charge? Not always. The reality is that despite you thinking that you have done nothing wrong, the law may be against you.

Some attorneys mistakenly shoot for complete exoneration when there could be some negotiation for a reduced charge or outcome. With this said, if the law is on your side then a federal defense attorney should move forward aggressively.

Are you a target of federal crime investigation?

Your role in a federal investigation can vary. The first question the government may look for is your actual involvement in a crime. If there is then you can rest assured that you will become a target at some point during the federal criminal investigation.

  • If you are not directly involved, then you could be used as a witness against a target.

Once you have obtained legal representation, your attorney, who should be experienced in federal criminal law and familiar with federal investigations, can help you answer important questions and help put you in the best position possible.  Here are some examples of the issues that your attorney will advise you on.

What happens if you are called to testify before a grand jury or required to produce documents through a federal subpoena? You should immediately seek counsel to be advised about your legal rights. Again, remember that what you testify about before a grand jury can surely be used against you.  A federal criminal investigation is a serious business. Remember that a totally innocent person can be turned into a target or even be forced to testify against another target in exchange for s better deal. See information about FCA civil investigative demands

How does a federal criminal investigation impact your future as a business owner? There is no easy answer here. It all depends on the facts of your case. If you are a government contractor, CEO, contractor employee or even a federal government employee, the criminal liability can be enormous if you are found to have participated in any government fraud. For example, a defense Contractor Was Sentenced to 5 Years in Federal Prison for $53 Million Procurement Fraud and Illegal Gratuities Scheme.  In that case, you have a federal employee who works with a selected government contractor to develop a fraud scheme and later the employee went work for the federal contractor.

Every case is different when a federal criminal investigation is involved. Government prosecutors have so many investigative tools at their disposal. The best approach is that if you have the slightest belief that you can be involved in a federal investigation, whether for government fraud, bribery or any other criminal activity, call our government crime investigation lawyers immediately at 1-866-601-5518.


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