What Happens After a Grand Jury Indictment?

For Government Contractors: Navigating Procurement Fraud Grand Jury Indictments Does Indictment Always Mean Jail Time? No, It Does Not The term “indictment” by a grand jury for a federal government contractor often brings about images of handcuffs, courtrooms, and jail cells. It’s a word that carries a heavy weight and… Read more »

Buy American Act BAA Compliance Lawyers :: FAQs

Act quickly if you are under investigation or worried about violating Buy American Act compliance requirements. Theodore P Watson, Esq – Practice Leader This section is only written to provide information to small businesses and larger federal government contractors regarding common issues and questions raised about the Buy American Act and… Read more »

Tips for Filing Court of Federal Claims Bid Protests (COFC)

Deciding on whether to file a Court of Federal Claims bid protest versus GAO protest or the agency-level protest can be tricky too many government contractors. At the end of the day, many contractors seeking to save revenues worth millions of dollars find that closing bridges or giving up rights… Read more »

Signs of Being Under Federal Investigation

Are you aware of you being subject of any investigation by any governmental authority? Find out if you’re under government investigation.  When investigators contact you, or agents serve you with a subpoena request, or you receive a DOJ target letter, you must be very careful of how you proceed next…. Read more »