Grand Jury Indictments for Federal Contractors

Government contractors facing federal investigations from the Office of Inspector General (OIG), DOJ or some other law enforcement agency should understand the basics of grand jury indictments and how the criminal process can impact the company. When the federal prosecutors finish their investigation, they can bring further charges by moving… Read more »

Tips for Federal False Claims Act Elements and Defenses

Establishing and proving Federal False Claims Act elements and defenses in government investigations and litigation can make the difference in winning or being an open target for prison time or hefty civil fines. The False Claims Act, 31 USC 3729, is the government’s favorite legal tool to prosecute and impose… Read more »

Office of Investigations ( VA OIG, DOJ OIG Investigation Lawyers, SBA OIG Investigations) in Government Contracting

Avoid Costly Mistakes in Government OIG Investigations Theodore P. Watson, Esquire. As it relates to government contracting and federal procurement, various agencies have Office of Investigations departments, otherwise known as the Office of Inspector General (OIG), that conducts civil, criminal, and administrative investigations of procurement fraud involving federal government contracts,… Read more »

CEO Decision to Respond To Federal Government Investigations

When you or your company has been targeted as part of a federal investigation, your life and business operations as you know it can change significantly. If you are a government contractor subject to criminal charges or investigated for violation of the False Claims Act, kickbacks, SBA Fraud or some… Read more »

Hiring Contractor Fraud Attorneys and Criminal Defense Lawyers

Government Contractor Fraud Civil or Criminal Without Experience with Procurement Regulations, and Federal Procurement Law, Your Criminal Case Could be in Jeopardy. We Work With Local Criminal Defense Attorneys in All States to Gain an Advantage in Complex and Tricky Procurement Laws that Federal Prosecutors Bet on Your Attorneys Not… Read more »