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Are Small Businesses Getting Their Fair Share of Government Contracts

Unfortunately, they don’t. The real question is why not? There is some analysis to this unfortunate fact about small business government contracts. First, large projects appear to be out of the reach of small businesses – or so they think. Small business should attempt to seek out teaming partners to plan for the big projects ahead of time.

Small Business Government Contracts

Contracting Officers and government contract officials frown on small businesses that attempt to bid on the larger projects. If you choose to bid on larger projects you may want to propose a possible staffing plan. This could increase your chances of getting a government contract.

Other concerns include the fact the many small businesses simply do not understand how to respond to government contract proposals or solicitations. Although this can be an expensive process, contractors actually spend more man-hours writing responses that would never put them in the competitive range to be considered for award.

If you are a small business and are serious about getting government contracts, then you also have to learn how the game is played.

Our firm engages with many contractors across the United States that need help o be successful. Failure to take this simply leaves the large businesses to take advantage of the situation. Get help if you want to compete.

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