CPARS Ratings, FAPIIS Reporting Requirements, Past Performance, and Contractor Integrity Data:  What Every Federal Government Contractor Needs to Know About CPARS.

By Cheryl E. Adams, Esq. The Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS Ratings) exists to provide government source selection officials (SSOs) with a variety of types of information that SSOs need to ensure that offerors have met the requirements needed to be selected for award of government contracts. What types… Read more »

SBA HUBZone Program Reaping HUBZone Benefits

What is the SBA HUBZone Program? As a small business, you can qualify for the SBA HUBZone Program. This is a unique opportunity for small businesses to gain access to federal contracting dollars. In addition, Congress has mandated that government contracting agencies attempt to award at least three percent of… Read more »

Are You Meeting SBA Small Business Size Standard Rules 

As a small federal contractor, you have the benefit of competing for small business set asides where large businesses cannot. However, in order to be eligible to bid on small government projects, you have to maintain your small business size standard and comply with the requisite rules. When you bid on… Read more »