What is a Limited Partnership? Limited vs General Partner

A Limited Partnership, as compared to a general partnership, is formed by two or more people doing business. At least person must act as the general partner. That person must have actual management authority for the day-day- activities of the company. This is in direction comparison to the other person(s) within the business… Read more »

Business Partnership Contracts & Agreements Between Two Companies

A business partnership agreement contract in Colorado is a necessary document when starting a business. Having this important business partnership agreement between two companies or individual partners can reduce the need for expensive litigation. It can also serve as a reminder between partners of their obligations to each other and to… Read more »

Joint Ventures – Agreement and Contents 13 CFR124.510

Contents of a joint venture agreement are statutorily set for small businesses and 8(a)certified companies. If you are a small business in the SBA 8a certification program and thinking about entering a joint venture agreement with another company, there are a few things that you want to consider. Not only are the… Read more »