Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Penalties and FCPA Violations

US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA penalties and violations can be premised upon your efforts in due diligence or otherwise seek to determine whether there was a legitimate business purpose for the use of a “middleman” or consultant.  Under the FCPA anti bribery provisions, this is especially true when conducting… Read more »

Basic Difference Between Unilateral Contract and Bilateral Contract

A Unilateral contract is vastly different from a bilateral contract. The elements of a contract are previously discussed in our Contracts article.  There are two main types of contracts: bilateral and unilateral. A Promise for Performance. By comparing the difference between Bilateral and Unilateral Agreements, a bilateral contract constitutes a… Read more »

8a Application Problems, Denials and Appeals

Understanding the 8a Application Denial and Appeals Process is Critical Before Acting After you submit your 8 a application, there is a 60% chance that you will experience problems with denials and appeals. One of the biggest problems in the application process is that applicants fail to show that the are… Read more »

Understanding the Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR)

  (Failure to Understand the Basics Can Cost You Hundreds of Thousands in Litigation or Criminal Liability? What are the Federal Acquisitions Regulations ( FAR)? The  Federal Acquisitions Regulations ( FAR) are codified in Title 48 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations. It is issued pursuant to the Office of Federal… Read more »

TAA Compliant Countries List

The Trade Agreements Act (TAA) applies to GSA Schedule Contracts, requiring that all products listed on the contract be manufactured or “substantially transformed” in either the United States or a TAA-compliant “designated country”. The designated TAA compliant countries encompass: 1. Countries under the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement. 2…. Read more »

Buy American Act BAA Compliance Lawyers :: FAQs

Act quickly if you are under investigation or worried about violating Buy American Act compliance requirements. Theodore P Watson, Esq – Practice Leader This section is only written to provide information to small businesses and larger federal government contractors regarding common issues and questions raised about the Buy American Act and… Read more »