Writing winning proposals for the federal government is not an Writing Winning Proposalseasy task. Both large and small businesses still struggle to compete in the federal marketplace. 

However, a significant amount still fall short of winning.  The key to submitting a competitive proposal is to avoid doing things in the past that get no results.

This could mean assessing the caliber of project managers,  replacing key staff with those that have more years of experience, or even studying labor rates that are not extremely high but still offer competitive salaries.


  • Gaining more revenues for your company is the result that most companies want.
  • Writing winning proposals for the federal government benefits employees with long-term employment and actually stimulates the economy. 
  • Successful government contractors actually invest thousands on annually in developing tailored proposal writing strategies to get the ultimate win.

Revamp Internal Proposal Writing Strategies

When we help large and small businesses to revamp and restructure their capture strategies and help them to develop more effective  proposal writing strategies, we focus on setting a minimum goal of winning 60% of all government bids.

Strict Focus on Actual Proposal Requirements

Writing winning proposals means that you must first focus on the least RFP requirements. You want to develop compliance matrices to make sure that your bid is not thrown out of the competitive range.

  • In order to write winning proposals, you must offer more than just the basic RFP requirements.
  • Offering the government something of value (over and beyond price and past performance increases your chances of winning.

Writing Winning Proposals – Get More Technical Strengths

Writing winning proposals is a task that many bidders still yet have to master. Although there is no mathematical formula for winning government contracts, there are certain aspects of the proposal writing process that are proven to increase your chances of award. See additional information about Writing a Government Contract Bid Proposal.

Making sure that your technical proposal evaluation gains more strengths than weaknesses is one essential element that most proposal writers miss.

  • You gain more strengths by offering more than what the government asks for.
  • You can avoid weaknesses by providing more detail about how you intend to do the PWS requirements.
  • Provide detail about how you intend to solve anticipated problems.

To develop you tailored plan for writing winning proposals for federal government contracts, call our proposal writing consultants at 1-866-601-5518.

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