Writing a Proposal for a Government Contract Bid is a very competitive process. Federal agencies want to find a contractor that poses the least amount of risk of non-performance while still gettingWriting a Proposal for a Government Contract Bid fair and reasonable pricing. When companies fail to grasp the bid proposal process, and how agencies evaluate each proposal, the results can be disappointing.

Writing a proposal for a government contract bid focuses on the following:

  • Knowing how to write a strong technical proposal;
  • Knowing how to get more strengths than weaknesses in the evaluation process;
  • Understanding the agency’s best value and trade-off process
  • Avoiding common past performance landmines;
  • Knowing how to offer your bid at a fair and reasonable price.

Both large government contractors and small businesses still struggle when writing a proposal for federal government contracts. Many continue to use old strategies only to get the same results.

Writing a Government Contract Bid Proposal for Higher Technical Ratings

Your technical proposal is one of the heaviest weighted factors in the solicitation’s evaluation scheme.

In negotiated proposals, knowing how to adjust your bidding efforts to match the level of review is often problematic for most government contractors.

  • Companies must address their technical weaknesses before the agency does.
  • Bidders should seek out named teaming partners and subcontractors that have significant past performance experience (many companies miss out on awards because they fail to see how agencies actually evaluate past performance).
  • Proposing key personnel experience is yet another area where companies fail.

Writing a Proposal for a Government Contract Bid — Increased Best Value and Trade-offs

When bidding on federal government contracts, having a deep understanding of how agencies choose the winner often surprise companies when they get a “notice of unsuccessful offeror.” By then it’s too late.

It’s proven that agencies do not always have to award to the lowest priced bidder. Mastering the art of proposal writing for government contracts also means that your proposal writer must know how to gain more strengths than weaknesses.

Agency decisions almost always overcome bid protests because the source selection board has the ability to award to proposals that a technically superior. The agency often justifies its decision by pointing out that the winner had more strengths in its technical proposal.

  • Agencies perform trade-off analysis and frequently consider more technical strengths in the best value decision.
  • Developing value to a specific part of the Statement of Work requirements also leads to a favorable best value decision.

See the Level of Proposal Writing Services We Offer

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